Our Story

This is Us

We are Justin and Tana Mitchell and we are so happy you’re visiting us today! Just a little background on us…we have been a couple for most of our lives. We’ve been married 17 years, have two children, two cats, and a home nestled nicely into Franklin Park, a suburb north of our beautiful city of Pittsburgh, PA.  We love spending time with our family and friends. We love traveling. And we REALLY love the outdoors…specifically hiking and exploring all the many beautiful trails right here in the Pittsburgh area! And Coffee…we are quite smitten with coffee. 

Why Coffee?

Coffee has always had a way of grounding us—that morning cup is a simple reminder to celebrate the new day, and then there’s the occasional afternoon cup that serves as a pick-me-up and gives us something to look forward to. One of our favorite things to do on a quiet weekend or when traveling to different cities is to grab a cup of coffee and experience each individual community, whether shopping, hiking or exploring new places. There’s just something about holding that cup of coffee that slows us down and makes everything feel more rich.

Our Inspiration

We’ve always been business minded individuals and noticed the great opportunity to provide more convenient specialty coffee services within our community.  Being parents of two very busy kids, we’ve spent many hours on the Softball and Soccer fields, wishing we had had time during our busy morning to stop for a good cup of coffee or specialty latte on the way, or craving that afternoon caffeinated treat to provide a peaceful moment of luxury during an otherwise chaotic day.  We also believe that Customer Service is a dying art and crave the opportunity to spread honor, respect and kindness throughout our community.

From all of this, Urban Trail Coffee Co. was born, and we are so excited to share this journey and experience with you!